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New officer descriptions

Oversees the club, makes sure everyone is doing their duties. Makes an effort to build relations with outside organizations, other clubs, and the EECS/CS departments (ie. staff members).
-promote options for women in eecs. -encourage strong social relations among members and with facilty. -build membership unification.

Vice President:
In charge of assisting the President with her duties. Runs meetings and sends Breaktime reminders to appropriate officer each week. -oversee the organization of events for membership unification.

The Secretary will keep a careful journal of all AUWiCSEE activities to assist with the budget proposal. She takes notes at all officers' meetings and sends the minutes to all officers in a timely fashion. -provide assessment of events and recommendations for changes. -oversee organization of meetings for new research/project thingee.

Keeps record of finances, and gives out reimbursements, attends EJC financial meetings, meets with faculty advisors for funding. -keeps records and files them in office. -oversees organization of one generic event.

Responsible for planning events for AUWiCSEE. Handles the event budget and obtains all materials needed. Responsible for keeping club on track of all schedule. -creation of the proposal for an event schedule at the beginning of each semester. -fills in the gaps on material obtainment.</b>

She will make AUWiCSEE more visible to the public eye. This includes making flyers for events, and posting announcements in different publications. Also send event reminders through the AUWiCSEE mailing account. -ALL emails out from officers, out. -breaktime reminders to officers. -flyers for all events. -getting help from other officers to make annoucements in classrooms.

Historian: (split between potentially 3 of you :))
Take pictures at events to capture all our exciting events, and puts them together in the end in a scrapbook. Gathers quotes from members, officers, and faculty as well.
-sends all pics to webmaster. -oversees organization of at least one generic event.

EJC Rep:
Attend the Engineer's Joint Council meetings (which has representatives from all engineering clubs) to update them on what we're doing, and vice versa. And communicate the details to the President and/or appropriate officers to whom the information pertains.
-find ways to get funding from EJC and push in EJC for that funding and make sure club fullfills requirements for more funding. -oversee org. of at least one generic event.

Responsible for frequently updating the semester's events on the AUWICSEE website, officer contacts, and keeping it current and presentable.
-updating links on other websites. -while in Berkeley, oversee one generic event. -this position can easily be used as a way to experiment with web design and should be used as such.
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